Law school intern cover letter

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Law school intern cover letter

Law school intern cover letter

A good cover letter: Tells the employer who you are e. Determine to whom you should address the cover letter. If you are applying to law firms, address your letter to the recruiting director.

NALP also provides a useful mail merge feature for generating multiple letters. For other employers, you can refer to their websites, or contact the office to determine to whom your materials should be directed. Although there are many ways to write a cover letter, the following format has worked well for students in the past.

In the first paragraph of your cover letter, explain why you are sending your resume to the employer: In the third paragraph, stress why this employer should hire you.

Elaborate on the qualifications that you possess that will make you an exceptional summer intern or attorney.

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The final paragraph should thank the employer for taking the time to review your application and tell them how to reach you. You may wish to state that you will contact the employer in a couple of weeks to follow-up and then actually do so.

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Legal Intern Cover Letter Legal Interns are law students who want to pursue the practice of law and gain hands-on knowledge. Areas these professionals handle include case management, secretarial work, and research. SAMPLE 1L COVER LETTER th West Street, Apt.

4. New York, NY () [email protected] Dear Mr. Smith: I am a first-year student at Columbia Law School and am seeking an internship with the Criminal Division of the United States Attorney’s Office of the Eastern District of New York for this upcoming.

I am a first-year student at Harvard Law School and am writing to apply for a volunteer summer internship with the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights in New York City.

I Samantha Pierce. SAMPLE COVER LETTER. Evan Pouliot. 11 Sacramento Street, Apt. 2 . 8 Cover Letter Tips and a Sample Cover Letter For Your Law Firm Internship The cover letter is a small email you write while applying to a law firm.

It is really your pitch which says “Take me as an intern” Draft it carefully and do note the following points. Home > Letter Samples > Job Cover Letters > Sample Cover Letter For A Legal Internship. Letter Samples. Sample Cover Letter For A Legal Internship. I am currently in my 2nd year of law school and have maintained an overall grade point average of , making me a top 10% student in the school.

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