Iran country research report

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Iran country research report

Standards, certification and regulation A first version of a national guideline for organic production and labeling for Iran was released by the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran in January Work in an organic label is currently in progress.

Recently, activities to prepare national organic standards have accelerated by the cooperation of Shahid Beheshti University, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran.

Government policies and NGO activities regarding organic agriculture The government has started a program to reduce the use of agrochemicals. At present, there are two NGOs in Iran which are active in introducing and promoting organic farming in the country: Also, the postgraduate course on agroecology which commenced onhas been extended to more universities including the Universities of Ferdowsi MashadShahid Beheshti TehranBirjand, Shahrekord, Gorgan and Shahrood.

The Iranian scientific society of agroecology ISSA conducted regular meetings on sustainable agriculture in Organic farming in Iran. Liaghati and Majid Zohari Conference of Tropentag Utilisation of diversity in land use systems: Sustainable and organic approaches to meet human needs.

October 9 - 11,Witzenhausen, Germany Mahmoudi, H. The Word of Organic Agriculture. Statistics and Emerging Trends Pages Mahmoudi, H.


An introduction to organic agriculture. Mashad jihad Daneshgahi Press. Consumers Demands and Preferences for Organic Foods: A Survey Study in MashadIran.

Iran country research report

Hossein Mahmoudi and Dr.Jan 15,  · UN report says Iran failed to block ballistic missile supplies from being used by Houthi rebels fighting a Saudi-led military coalition in war-torn Yemen.

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Organic Agriculture in Iran - Country Report. by Hossein Mahmoudi and Abdolmajid Mahdavi Damghani.

Iran country research report

Agriculture in Iran. guideline for organic production and labeling for Iran was released by the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran in January As a guideline it does not have the status of a law.

Efforts to gain control over the Internet were already underway in , when the government of Iran asserted control over all Internet access points coming into the country Commercial ISPs in Iran that offer Internet connectivity to the public are required to connect via the state-controlled Telecommunication Company of Iran (TCI) ONI.

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